Unlocking The Luxury: Gardenia’s New Membership Plans

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In the bustling world of luxury hotels and hospitality, Gardenia has consistently stood out, pushing boundaries and reinventing paradigms. We’ve always strived to provide an experience that is not just memorable but transformative. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our newest initiative that elevates our commitment to providing exceptional services – the Gardenia Membership Plans.

A New Chapter in Luxury

Over the years, Gardenia has become synonymous with luxury, comfort, and sophistication. We’ve built our reputation around an uncompromising commitment to quality and the unique experiences we offer our guests. The introduction of our new membership plans represents an exciting evolution of this commitment. It signifies a deeper level of engagement with our guests, providing them with exclusive benefits and personalized experiences that elevate their stay at Gardenia to new heights.

Introducing Gardenia's Premium Membership

The Gardenia Membership is designed for those who wish to fully immerse themselves in the Gardenia lifestyle. For $350 per month, members enjoy unlimited access to our luxury co-working spaces, a thriving hub of creativity and collaboration.

Beyond work, our Members receive a 20% discount on short-term room stays, allowing them to experience the exquisite comfort and design of our rooms. Each room, named after a beautiful flower, is a tribute to the stunning landscapes that surround us in Tulum, offering a perfect blend of nature’s beauty and human creativity.

Our Members also enjoy a 10% discount on all Gardenia Services, ensuring they get the most from our state-of-the-art facilities. From high-tech meeting rooms to tranquil relaxation areas, every aspect of Gardenia is designed to enhance the stay of our members.

The benefits of Membership extend beyond our rooms and services. Members receive a 20% discount on all Gardenia Products, enabling them to bring a piece of Gardenia’s luxurious lifestyle into their daily life. Furthermore, Full Members receive a 15% discount on all purchases at Café Gardenia and Gardenia Bar, allowing them to savor the culinary delights and vibrant libations crafted by our talented chefs and mixologists at an exclusive rate.

Gardenia Co-working Membership

Our Co-Working Membership is an excellent choice for professionals seeking a vibrant, luxury workspace. For $150 per month, members gain unlimited access to our co-working spaces. These beautifully designed spaces offer a serene setting that encourages productivity, networking, and idea exchange.

Beyond workspace access, Co-Working Members enjoy a 10% discount on all Gardenia Services and Products. This ensures they have the resources they need to achieve their work goals, from high-speed Wi-Fi to top-notch printing services. Co-Working Members also receive a 20% discount on all Café Gardenia and Gardenia Bar purchases, providing them with the perfect place to refuel during work hours or relax after a busy day.

Invitation and Events

Both Full and Co-Working Memberships come with a unique benefit: priority invitations to all Gardenia-hosted events, with exclusive member pricing. At Gardenia, we believe in the power of community and connection. Our curated events, ranging from networking sessions to guest chef experiences, are designed to foster these connections and create unique experiences for our members.

Experience Gardenia

Our new membership plans are more than just a list of benefits. They represent our commitment to creating a sense of community, delivering exceptional experiences, and redefining the concept of luxury. We invite you to experience Gardenia in its fullness, unlock a new level of luxury, and become a part of our vibrant community. Join us today.

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